One Day Camp @Kevalee - Morning Activities

One Day Camp @Kevalee - Afternoon Activities

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One Day Camp @Kevalee - Students learned how to prepare and cook for lunch and dinner (BBQ)

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Kids enjoy exploring new ideas & developing their English language and communication skills We are proud of you...

Congratulations to our Class of 2022! We are proud of you...

Good Time, Good Memory with Teachers and Friends

Kevalee Summer Program : Learn with Fun Activities

Guess Who!!!! Minions @Kevalee

Thai Language and Culture

Congratulations to the students who received the certificates from the activities during 4-8 of April 2022. You are fantastic !!!

Science Day Activities

There was spelling bee competitions involving the different grade levels during 20-21 of April. The vocabulary mainly covered topics around Science and Technology.

Science Day Activities - Miky's Presentation Thank you Miky for you inspirational speech and presentation about your invention, I-See Cap, to help blind people not to get head injured from hitting obstacles. We are proud of you....

Science Day Activities - Odyssey of the Mind Color made from kitchen ingredients Tallest Paper Tower to hold the book Clay Boats that float Magic of Chemicals Thank to Grade 12 students and Science Tr. Ms. Carmela for your time and efforts to prepare and arrange the activities and also other teachers and staff for your help and contribution to make our successful Science Day event.

Congratulations to all the winners and thank you for participating in our Science Day Activities. We are proud of you.

Songkran Celebration

It was a bright and sunny day on the 8th of April, 2022, and Kevalee International School celebrated this year's Songkran festival, also known as the Thai New Year, as a school-wide celebration. The event started off at 9am with students and teachers, and staff gathered at the school's front office which had previously been beautifully decorated with colorful graffiti and posters about the Songkran festival. Mrs. Juliana Kevalee, the owner of the school welcomed everyone present to the event with some educational/historical tit bits about Songkran. She then formerly opened the celebrations. It was such a delightful and fun day, partly because every student, teacher, and staff was present for the occasion, and also because there were lots of fun activities and delicious foods that combined to make the day special and enjoyable.

Happy Chinese New Year 2022

Feb 4, 2022

GR2 Performance on Chinese New Year Celebration

KG3 Performance on Chinese New Year Celebration