Kevalee International Day Celebration

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Support from Kevalee Parents and Pot Luck Party

Mr & Ms International and Recycled Costumes Contests

Kevalee Professional Development

Kevalee teachers always keep update and learn to improve teaching and learning strategies. School also supports and arranges PDs for teachers every year. Thank you Ms. Hedda and Mr. Michael for sharing with us.

Debate Tournament

A Team Academy is helping students to be prepared and ready for public speaking and debate competition both in Thailand and abroad. They came to give information and encouraged students to participate in the upcoming debate Tournament held in Thailand. Are you ready Kevalee students!!!

Morning Coffee Session

Kevalee arranged "Yin Yoga and Mindfulness" session for our parents. School values the involvement from parents and every year will arrange the session for parents to learn together. We hope the parents enjoyed and benefited from this activity. Session for Teachers and staff will come soon!!

Kevalee Parent Orientation and Mother's Day Celebration

Parents attended orientation and celebrated Mother's Day with their children. Communicating with good understanding would help school and family work together well. Thank you for your support and Happy Mother Day. Have a nice long weekend.