Kevalee Culture Trip for teachers and staff

Kevalee teachers and staff joined culture trip arranged by school to visit temple, cathedral, memorial park and floating market in Samut Songkhram province on Sunday February 9, 2020. They completed all the missions assigned to their group... Everyone spent all day long with joy.

Kevalee FUNmily Day - Opening Performances

My Family Got Talent Shows, Raging Lions vs Unicorns Chanting & Dancing Competition. WOW!

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Kevalee FUNmily Day - Indoor Games

Kevalee FUNmily Day - Outdoor Games

We were very lucky that the air quality on Valentine's Day was good. Parents and students were able to enjoy outdoor games prepared by teachers together. It was a wonderful day for all of us.

Kevalee FUNmily Day - Awarding

You have done well, Raging Lion and Unicorns teams. We hope everyone enjoyed the games. Thank you to parents, teachers, staff, and students to make our program successful.

Trip to Thailand Inventors' Day

Kevalee students from Gr.5 to Gr.12 visited more than 200 booths at Thailand Inventors' Day Exhibition. They learned and explored creative ideas from many inventors around the world. They also visited and supported one of their friend in Gr.6, who was invited to present his work "Smart Solar Cell" at the exhibition.

Kevalee Teacher's Day Ceremony

Kevalee students showed gratitude to the teachers on Teacher's Day. They made cards and bought small plants with flowers to give to their teachers. After the ceremony, teachers and students help to plan the small plants together. We are all happy today. Thank you so much teachers for your best efforts you contribute to Kevalee.

Kevalee Children's Day Celebration

Kevalee students enjoyed the games their teachers prepared for all of them on the Children's Day Celebration. They also received a little gift. Kevalee wishes you will be good citizens and be responsible for your learning. You are our future not only for Thailand but for the world too.

The Wonders of Christmas

Members of Kevalee Family always enjoy together on the Christmas Celebration each year. The special occasion brings everyone to give and share love among the Kevalee members. Teachers, staff, and students prepare wonderful shows and parents come to support them. We all are full of joy.... Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!

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Good Deed Certificates

Every semester, school always receives cash and things found on the campus from Kevalee members including parents, teachers, staff, and students. To encourage the good virtue they have, we give the Good Deed Certificate to them and this year one of the parents gave the small cloth bag to be a gift for all of them. We appreciate the parents who support and attend school events. A lot of foods, drinks, snacks, and fruits were brought to share a pot luck party. However, the most important is your presence at the events with us. Thank you so much....our dear parents and also teachers and staff.

Kevalee Little Angels

Kevalee students, they are the spirit of Christmas for us. We love you...

Kevalee Thanksgiving Celebration

We celebrated Thanksgiving on the same day of Father's Day Ceremony. It's a perfect combination of two events. Parents were entertained by the shows from students during the morning session. It was gratitude and love from students to their parents. The afternoon session, they enjoyed games from teachers and delicious fruits they brought and shared.

Kevalee Father's Day Ceremony

Parents came to attend Father's Day Ceremony. Special shows from students made them so happy. Cards and flowers were prepared to give to their beloved fathers. We also paid respect to our great father, King Rama IX. It was a wonderful day for everyone.

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Father's Day Ceremony - Activities with Dad

Fathers, sons and daughters joined different activities prepared by teachers to strengthen relationship on special occasion. Fathers can play basketball match with teachers, and students. Some played badminton game. Some did the painting models and coloring pictures. Some sang songs and played musical instruments. We ended up the program with walking together in the heart shape track at the flag pole area. Parents received little gift from school. Everyone was very happy.

Loy Krathong - Fun Games

Teachers prepared fun games for students to play on Loy Krathong.

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Loy Krathong Celebration at Kevalee

Teachers prepared fun games for students to play on Loy Krathong.

Kevalee Field Trip
Middle and High School Activities

Students listened and noted down information attentively about the interesting projects created by King Rama IX. They also learned how to grow plant in the soil sack. They joined fun activity and visited indoor and outdoor museums. Everyone was happy....

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KG and Elementary Activities

Kevalee teachers and students enjoyed many activities arranged on the field trip at Wisdom Farm. They learned about the great projects created by King Rama IX. They got small tree back as a souvenir to grow at home. Wonderful!!!

Happy Time :)

Halloween Celebration - Posters and Costumes Competition

Everyone loves Halloween Celebration at Kevalee. Students are excited and work together to make a poster. Parents help students to prepare different costumes. They joined the Posters and Costumes Competition today. Congratulations to all the winners including teachers. You are marvelous!!!

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Kevalee Halloween Celebration

Activities on Helloween Celebration

Teachers and students enjoyed many activities prepared by teachers and high school students. They joined Halloween Trivia Questions, Outdoor Games, Haunted House, Watching Movie... Did you have fun, students?

Speech and Debate Club from A Team Academy

A Team Academy came to share information with parents and students in Gr. 4-5 about their club program to help students develop skills in public speaking and debating. Students will have an opportunity to meet with students from other schools and other countries. This would be great experiences for Kevalee students who join the club.

IC Team from KMUTNB visited Kevalee

Dr. Jeffrey and his colleague Ms. Achareeya came to give very useful information to our high school students what and how they should prepare to apply for the university. Some parents also joined the session and gained more understanding with the Thai Universities admission processes. We do hope our students are now aware of and start preparing themselves to be ready for their future. Thank you a team from the International College of King Mongkut's University of Technology North Bangkok.

Kevalee International Day Celebration

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Support from Kevalee Parents and Pot Luck Party

Mr & Ms International and Recycled Costumes Contests

Kevalee Professional Development

Kevalee teachers always keep update and learn to improve teaching and learning strategies. School also supports and arranges PDs for teachers every year. Thank you Ms. Hedda and Mr. Michael for sharing with us.

Debate Tournament

A Team Academy is helping students to be prepared and ready for public speaking and debate competition both in Thailand and abroad. They came to give information and encouraged students to participate in the upcoming debate Tournament held in Thailand. Are you ready Kevalee students!!!

Morning Coffee Session

Kevalee arranged "Yin Yoga and Mindfulness" session for our parents. School values the involvement from parents and every year will arrange the session for parents to learn together. We hope the parents enjoyed and benefited from this activity. Session for Teachers and staff will come soon!!

Kevalee Parent Orientation and Mother's Day Celebration

Parents attended orientation and celebrated Mother's Day with their children. Communicating with good understanding would help school and family work together well. Thank you for your support and Happy Mother Day. Have a nice long weekend.