Summer End Party

Kevalee Summer Program ended last Friday with full of joy. Mini shows from teachers and students, delicious foods, snacks and drinks from admin staff, report card and little souvenir from administrators made the day for everyone including parents. Take a break and see you next School Year 2019-2020 in August.... Thank you everyone

Kevalee End of the Year Program

Everyone has done a wonderful work together. Thank you all the parents, teachers, staff and students for your untired efforts to support school activities SY 2018-2019. You are a great teamwork.

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What a Feeling !!!

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Kevalee Graduation Ceremony

Congratulations to Chanatip - Prom, we wish you all the best to have a bright future. Do your best to follow your heart and dream. May God always bless you and your family.

Night Party - Camp Activities

Chicken BBQ, Garlic Fried Rice and Vegetables are served for dinner. Students and teachers have dinner together. Sitting on the mat and hay stack, eating outside in an open space make them feel like going for a picnic. Now it is time for “Crazy Pajamas Party”. They wear different styles of pajamas and do the group performance they plan together. They also do the reflection and share to the group what they have learned from the camp and what will they do in their daily lives to help save and protect our planet earth. And before going to bed, they have hot chocolate with marshmello. The night seems long for they are too excited to stay overnight with their friends. It is a great experience for them. Everyone, let’s help save the Earth together.

We Love Planet Earth Camp

A two-day camp has been arranged for Kevalee students Gr.1 to Gr. 5 from Monday 29 to Tuesday 30 of April. The purpose is to raise the awareness of the garbage and waste in the ocean. We start the day with Welcome and Ice Breaker activities. They all have fun....

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Raise the Awareness - Camp Activities

Different activities have been prepared to help students learn and raise the awareness of the environmental problem especially on the garbage and waste found in the ocean. They watch the video clip about The Great Pacific Garbage Patch (GPGP) and its effects on the ocean lives and even to us human beings. Then they answer the questions and are assigned to find the secret teachers who would help them to learn different ways how each of us could possibly help save our planet earth. They come back and share their knowledge to other groups. Follow with Arts and Crafts Competition, they have to create their work “Lives in the Ocean” individually and select the best work in their group to compete with other groups. This activity helps students to be creative, work independently, promote group decision making. Another activity is to paint the cloth bag, so it can be used when students go for shopping to help reduce the number of plastic bag. They are focused and enjoy doing the activities. Well Done!

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Voting for Community Service Project

Kevalee teachers and students selected three organizations that need support the most. The clips and information were shown and given during the morning assembly. Finally, they made the decision and voted on Wednesday the first of May. The majority chose to give fund to Ban Dek Ramintra (Home for Blind with Multiple Disabilities) under the Christian Foundation for the Blind in Thailand.

Field Trip to Sea Life Bangkok

To connect what students have learned from We Love Planet Earth Camp, elementary students together with kindergarten students visit Sea Life at Siam Paragon to experience and see life in the ocean. It is an amazing world with a variety of animals, plants, and organisms that live in the salt water.

Songkran Celebration with Fundraising

At Kevalee, we have fundraising activities on Songkran Celebration Day every year. In the morning, we invite Buddhist monks to receive alms from parents, teachers, staff and students. This is to retain good culture of Thailand for the young children. KPA, parents, teachers and staff always give support and cooperation to school. Everyone has fun with different activities - Hit the Target, Bounce the Ball, Hit the Goal, Lucky Draw, DIY Bags and games from KPA and enjoy a lot of foods, desserts and drinks support by parents. Thank you everyone to help raising fund for the school community service project.

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Splashing Water on Songkran

Students performed Thai Dance to entertain parents and teachers with the help from Thai teachers. Students also received blessing from Head of School, parents and teachers on New Year Celebration of Thailand then they were splashing water to each other happily.

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Leadership Camp - Great Moments

Students were allowed to play the adventurous activities at the resort. They liked the challenges and took risk to enjoy the moment. We also had camp fire activities on Saturday night together. The prizes were given to the team - for overall performance, best teamwork, best punctuality, and best creativity at school. Thank you everyone and see you again for the next camp....

Leadership Camp Activities - Set I

At the camp, we arranged the different activities to observe traits we considered the good leader should have. In these activities we look for - initiative, creativity, trust and teamwork. Students were divided into three teams to work together. They all did the best to contribute to their team...

Leadership Camp Activities - Set II

Students worked in group to achieve the goals given by the facilitators. These set of activities were aimed to see - collaboration, problem solving, communication, dissemination, organization and priority skills in the team.

Kevalee Leadership Camp

Kevalee students from Gr. 6 to 12 joined the Leadership Camp at The Pine Resort Pathum Thani during 22-24 March 2019. We had visited Sathira Dhammasathan before we travelled to The Pine Resort. We started our camp with the mindfulness training by the nun. Mindfulness helps us manage the negative feelings and stay calm when we face the challenges and difficulties. We all experienced peacefulness and enjoyed walking with bare feet on the ground. We also learned how to be a good leader and follower and share love with each other.

Kevalee Professional Development

Kevalee teachers and staff attended PD on 20 and 27 January to learn and share experiences with Ms. Nusrat Karim, certified Montessori teacher and Dr. John Stiles, Kevalee advisor. Kevalee teachers always develop and improve teaching strategies to help students who have different learning styles learn better. @Kevalee - where every child counts...

Children's Day and Teachers' Day Celebrations - Part I

Kevalee celebrated two important days - Children Day and Teacher Day together. Children are the future of us. They need wholehearted teachers to guide and develop not only the skills and knowledge but also train them to be a good citizen of the world. How important you are...teachers! Please do your duty well...

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Children's Day and Teachers' Day Celebrations - Part II

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Kevalee Christmas Program and Pot Luck Party

Great performances from Kevalee students and teachers on Christmas Celebration to extend the spirit of Christmas to everyone. Thank you all the parents for bringing and sharing a lot of foods, drinks, fruits, snacks and desserts to our pot luck party. We all enjoyed and had a good time together. Have a wonderful time with family and friends on long holidays! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Certificates for Good Deeds

On Christmas Day Celebration, Kevalee members including students, parents and teachers received certificate of appreciation for returning items and money found in the school campus. Kevalee encourages everyone to be honest and to care for others. Kevalee Parents Association (KPA) also showed their kindness and care for the students. They prepared presents for all the students to make students feel happy on special occasion like Christmas. Congratulations to students who won the prizes in Christmas Sculpture Competition. The sculptures made out of recycled items found in the school to help reduce trash and to promote the awareness of our environmental sustainability. This competition was initiated by Gr. 11-12 and their science teacher. Wonderful idea....

Father Day Activity

Kevalee students drew the King Rama IX pictures to show their gratitude to His Majesty and put them together on a big frame. We always remember all the great things His Majesty King Bhumibol has done for Thai people.

Thanksgiving and Loy Krathong Celebrations

Students enjoyed turkey hunting game, variety shows from students, lunch party, musical chairs, playing "Ma Karn Gluay", and floating krathongs.

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Making Krathong Competition

On Friday 23, Kevalee teachers and students from KG to Grade 12 participated in making krathong competition. Teachers and students in each class made one krathong to compete in KG, ES and MS+HS categories. They used recycle things, friendly items for environment, and things from nature. They worked together with wonderful creative ideas and the krathong had to be able to float in the water too. Congratulations to all the winners in each category. They all had fun floating krathong together. Thank you all the judges for the difficult decision to select the winners.

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KG Students Activity

KG students learned how to make krathong on Thursday 22. They enjoyed and was proud of their krathongs. They brought krathongs home to celebrate with their families. Well done!

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Assumption University Open House Visit of Kevalee Grades 9 to 12

"Imagination is more important than knowledge." - Albert Einstein This meaningful quotation is seen by our Kevalee Grades 9 to 12 students when they visited Assumption University Open House last November 16, 2018 at Bangna Campus. University visit is a great opportunity for our students to develop their interest and allow them to plan for their future career.

Field Trip to Thaihealth

November 15, 2018. Kevalee middle and high school students went to visit Thaihealth or Sor Sor Sor. They explored the Go Zero Waste exhibition and learned how to manage daily waste to help safe the environment. They also got some other ideas how individual could possibly help preserve resources. Grade 11-12 came up with a project to have Christmas Sculpture Contest using 90% from recycle papers, snack wrappers, straws, milk boxes, different bottles and cans, etc students found in the school as materials for sculpture. Great Idea.

Filed Trip to Children Museum

November 6, 2018. Kevalee students from Pre-K to Gr. 5 visited and joined different activities at Children Museum near Chatuchak. They all had fun and good experiences from career role plays, building blocks, invent things, exhibition about dinosaur,and outdoor climbing activity. Happy Time...

Stylish Costumes of Kevalee Teachers and Staff

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Halloween Costumes - Students

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Halloween Arts and Costume Competitions

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Activities on Halloween Celebration

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Kevalee Morning Coffee Session

Kevalee invited Mrs. Angkana Masrangsan or Kru Na to be a guest speaker at Kevalee Morning Coffee Session for parents. What we have listened from her sharing on Positive Communication with Children is very inspiring for us! Hope Kevalee parents bring back good ideas to apply within your family. Thank you so much Kru Na and we are looking forward to meeting you again.

22nd Anniversary of Kevalee

Kevalee celebrated 22nd Anniversary on Friday 19th October, 2018. Starting with small school for kindergarten students in 1996, it has been more than twenty years of the school owner's passion, Mrs. Juliana Kevalee, to have a good school for students of Thai and other nationalities family who live in Thailand. School invited Rev. Fr. Somchai Unchalipornson and members of Legion of Mary from the Church of Our Lady Mother of God to have a rosary prayer at school. Our administrators, teachers, staff and students have been blessed by Fr. Somchai. May God always take good care of everyone in Kevalee.

Welcome our honored guests on the 22nd Anniversary

Kevalee teachers and students welcomed our guests on the 22nd Anniversary Celebration with special shows. They are always ready to perform in front of the audiences with confidence. We were all very happy as you could see from our faces. You are great and wonderful. Thank you everyone for making our anniversary a meaningful day for all of us.

KG Exploration Trip to Big C

Kevalee KG students visited Big C to learn life skills. They did shopping, carried snacks themselves, lined up to pay money, etc. They also had to return some items if they did not have enough money for all items they have chosen. They also learned who is cashier and what do they do. Students enjoyed and felt very happy. Let's do it again.

Kevalee Memorial Activity for King Bhumibol Adulyadej

Administrators, teachers, parents, students, and staff watched the video clip, sang a song and paid respect in front of the King Bhumibol photo on Friday 12th October in remembrance of his majesty.

International Quiz Bee 2018 & Sumptuous Potluck Lunch

This is how we celebrate international day! We play while we learn and use our background knowledge to answer all the questions during International Quiz Bee 2018 and share different delicious delicacies and food from different parts of the world. We have a lot of exciting activities coming this school year. Want to join us? Come! Contact us at 02-906-6427. Visit our official website or email us at WHY SHOULD YOU CHOOSE KEVALEE? Because Kevalee is a place where every child counts!

Kevalee International Day Celebration 2018

This is how we celebrate international day! We play while we learn and use our background knowledge to answer all the questions during International Quiz Bee 2018 and share different delicious delicacies and food from different parts of the world. We have a lot of exciting activities coming this school year. Want to join us? Come! Conta

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International Day Celebration Activities - Day 1

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International Day Celebration Activities - Day 2

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Kevalee International Day Celebration 2018

Last August 10, 2018, Kevalee International School Administrators, Teachers, Students and Staff show their respect to our beloved Queen Sirikit as we celebrate Mother's Day! Mother’s Day is a day for many people to show their appreciation towards mothers and mother figures worldwide. It is an annual event but is held at different dates in the calendar, depending on the country. In Thailand, 12th of August is celebrated as the birthday of Her Majesty Queen Sirikit (Thai: สมเด็จพระนางเจ้าสิริกิติ์ พระบรมราชินีนาถ). As the Queen is also regarded as mother to all Thai people, this day is also celebrated as 'Mother's Day' (วันแม่). Mother’s Day was first introduced to Thailand on 15th April, 1950. In 1976, Mother’s Day was changed to 12th August to commemorate the birthday of Her Majesty Queen Sirikit ,the Mother of all Thai people. HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!

Parents Orientation

Kevalee International School Welcome Parents and Families of New Incoming Students last Friday - August 10, 2018 for our Parents Orientation. Parents and students had the opportunity to meet faculty members and administrators of the school.

End of Summer Program

Arts & Crafts Exhibition - Teachers and students arranged the exhibition to show their works they produced during summer program. They all received certificates from Mrs. Juliana. Well done!

Exploration Trip to Yum Yum Factory

Students visited Yum Yum Factory in Bangchan Industrial Estate. They leaned about the Yum Yum product line and how to produce the Yum Yum products. They came back with nice souvenirs from Yum Yum Factory. Wonderful....

Trip to fancy fish farm

Our students visited fancy fish farm as part of the summer program. They all enjoyed seeing and feeding fish.