Middle / High School

We're looking for a teacher who :

  • is between 25-45 years of age
  • is having experience in teaching esp. English subject
  • demonstrates good knowledge & skills 
  • is cooperative & flexible

Note: Qualified applicants are invited to email your CVs together with one A4 page writing of a personal statement on the role and responsibilities of a good teacher.

Kevalee International School was established in 1996, located in a peaceful suburb of Bangkok (Minburi district). We are a medium sized catholic school whose highest aim is to equally provide a high quality education to all students. We encourage learning process through simple but caring environment. We like to invite teachers who love and dedicate to teaching wholeheartedly to be part of our school. We believe that good quality teaching and teachers' loving and caring attitudes would help our students to achieve excellent results in both academic and personal developments. Interested applicants with the followingqualifications are welcome to join our team: